Edge shape is an important element of design.

Think about your dining table standing at the center of the room, or your kitchen counter as you stand at it at some point each day. A table profile adds something to the design and takes the look to the next level. It will draw the eye, stand out and contribute to its overall beauty. Below you can see three most popular types of edge our customers choose for their tops.


Square profile with its blunt edge and chunky appearance is a departure from the traditionally rounded worktops that have dominated the landscape for so long. If you prefer a simple or even minimalist kitchen design, a square edge worktop is the perfect addition. With its sleek, straight lines, this kind of counter will finish a kitchen off in chic style, completing the look and ensuring the understated elegance and classic design are always on the menu.  

Chamfered bottom edge create a strong visual impression and "lighten" the look of the table. It is a popular choice for modern and contemporary kitchens. The bevel complements the taper cut at the bottom of the thick legs adding a contemporary profile to any overall kitchen scheme.

Waney edge is the most popular choice for a rustic, cottage style home interiors. In live-edge tables, the original gnarled shape of the edge of a tree beneath its bark is not sawed off, but carefully preserved for a raw look. We can confidently say that each waney edge table is unique, with no 2 ever the same. These edge timber slabs are like bringing the outside directly into your home. The width of a waney edge can vary and a tolerance of 50mm (on either side) needs to be considered when choosing a top size.