Wood species
We aim to create a furniture piece that will become your favourite. The choice of wood has a significant impact on the quality and style of the table. We use highest quality certified Oak and European Walnut. Both of these amazing species are known for their hard-wearing feature but are completely different in terms of appearance (colour, grain, texture density and shape).

When it comes to choosing desired timber for your furniture, understanding its properties is a must. This guide will provide you with basic information on the two types of wood we use.

Rustic oak - we love oak, especially its wild variation. Variety of rustic signs such as knots, little cracks, medullary ray etc. gives the resulting timber an unusual and decorative look that many find appealing. Our signature idea is to infuse these imperfections with black epoxy resin to maximaze the beauty of nature with modern artistic twist and strengthen the wooden top structure. Oak wood is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. Aside from the obvious physical advantages, appearance is one of the major reasons oak wood is so desirable as a furniture material. It naturally has an attractive golden colour that dries to pleasant silvery tone. Boards are usually pretty straight. Its texture is calm and deep, needs little or no decoration to look attractive.


European walnut - although not widely available, walnut is considered to be one of the most beautiful timbers. Used for high class furniture, the dark colouring and deep lustre make it a prized timber for prestigious applications. Boards are often unusual shapes & sizes and are rarely straight. The most valued walnut is that with a streaky honey-brown colouring and a wavy grain, a combination which creates a stunning three dimensional figuring.

Although highly prized, the walnut also presents a number of challenges. The tree is often knotty and the centre of the log is prone to shake (splits).

We delicately infuse the gaps between the boards and all imperfections with black epoxy resin. Walnut is classed as a hardwood with medium texture. Although it is not as hard-wearing as oak, it is still one of the most durable European wood.

Still not too sure which wood you prefer? We are here to help so don't hesitate to contact us if you are still in doubt.